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SNRs culture is a kind of value system and behavior standard which generated from the faith of enterprising, it is a belief. Everything was derived from its contrary. SNR aspires to be a chain of harmonious environment. With the sense of environmental mission, SNR will finally become a nonprofit organization of nature environment protection, improvement and salvation. Our ideal life is SNRs ideal.



The logo stands for the meaning of water, earth, Tai Chi and SNR.

The overall form is circular and S, S is the first letter of SNR, circular stands for the earth

The letter S uses the shape of water flow, the whole shape means Tai Chi.

Water is the source of life, everything generated from water.

Water business is the main business of SNR, and is also severe problem which badly in need of improvement.

The water flow with S shape flow through the circular. This design stands for such kind of meaning that Tai Chi can embrace everything.

The logo represents that tolerance and compromise, coexistence, balance and harmony should be the fundamental rule of development

SNR pursues the balance between the economic development and environment

The logo also represents the harmonious coexistence of enterprise, employees, society and environment.

Leading to harmonious unity of multiple objects is the ultimate aim and eternal power of development.


          Enterprise Spirit                                 

For better future

SNR pursues harmonious and win-win development of business, employees, society, environment and future.

SNR people will commit to the severe environmental protection. For the future of the earth and our beautiful homeland, we will strive for innovation and get development with integrity.

Management idea


      Managing Philosophy                                  

Integrity can maintain the source, science and technology can bring prosperity.

Inherit hundreds of Chinese traditional virtue and excellent quality; collect advanced technology and management.

Try best to create a enterprise of long history and leading in the future.


            Enterprise Soul                                


Quality is not the only leading thing.

To implement the concept of quality to everyone, every process, every design innovation, each product, each project, every service. Every detail can stand for the quality of SNRs people and work.

SNR want to lead, not only in quality, but also the overall aspects.


          Service Spirit                           

Quality is the soul of SNR; we will try our best to provide you with diamond-like service.



        Talent Value Attitude                             

Quality first, talent is the first productivity of enterprise.

Today, the competition between enterprises is, in essence, the competition of talent.

The success and failure of an enterprise depend on the talent concept and employees.

SNR establishes bonus shares system, emphasize the employees welfare, care for the employees life and development, and seeks the harmonious development of enterprise and employees.


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